Define integrations

To start defining integrations with Ampersand, create a new directory (we recommend calling it amp), which will hold your amp.yaml file. All your integrations should be defined in the same amp.yaml file.


The high-level keys of amp.yaml are the following:

  • specVersion: the version of the amp.yaml spec used, the current version is 1.0.0
  • integrations: the list of integrations that your users can install

The high-level keys of an integration are:

  • name: the name of the integration, only alphanumeric characters and dashes are allowed.
  • provider: the API that this integration connects to.
  • each integration can include:

Putting all of this together, the basic structure of an amp.yaml file looks like the following:

specVersion: 1.0.0

-name: readSalesforceAccounts
 provider: salesforce

What’s Next

Learn more about defining the different actions that make up an integration: